Master the 5 Principles of Writing Award Winning Books!
Even if you're not sure you can do it, are stuck for ideas or have tried and failed in the past.
Taught by award-winning author,
Na'ima B. Robert
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What you will discover on the Masterclass...
The 1 Thing...
Find out the 1 thing that award winning authors do differently - and why it is the key to writing amazing books.
The 4 Shifts...
Discover the 4 mindset shifts you need to make in order to write.
The Techniques...
Explore the writing habits, tips and techniques that will help you write great books, whether fiction or nonfiction, and for all ages.
What others say about the Masterclass...

I Hold You in High Esteem

“LOVE it !! It was the masala that was missing from the dish! I love the variety of prompts as well as the Islamic references eg, Ramadan or Prophet Muhammad (saw). MashaAllah, I hold you in high esteem as a writer so the level at which this was presented was as expected. May Allah grant you baraqah in your time and effort.” 

Don't Miss this Great Opportunity

“The greatest benefit in the Masterclass was the effort made by sis Na'ima B. Robert to change my mindset. She was able to guide me into building my confidence when I lost it. Don't miss this great opportunity of learning with Na'ima B. Robert. She is just awesome!"
Nafeesah Hassan

Extremely Useful

“The masterclass helped me as it really did make things clearer about how to write a children's book - it made me feel at ease that I can take my time and shouldn't rush to just get something out there. I also had no idea about publishing etc so that really helped. The consultation was extremely useful as before I felt really scattered in terms of where to go with my ideas - I am now feeling much clearer alhamdulilah. It was a pleasure talking to sister Na'ima.”

Been a Revelation

“The masterclass with sister Na'ima has been a revelation. As a complete newbie to writing, I felt lost in this new world I had entered. Na'ima's sessions were well structured and walked us through what we needed to do. The most striking thing about the course, however, was her personal one on one contact with anyone who needed extra support. I cannot tell you how much I have benefitted from this course. All I can say is, just say bismillah and do it!"
Umm Safya

Definitely Recommend

“I don’t think i would have gotten where i am today without the help of the master class.I will definitely recommend this class to others.”
Khadijah Ibrahim 

Made Me Feel So at Ease

“To be honest I was pretty nervous about the consultation and she made me feel so at ease. Like just chatting to a friend, alhamdulilah.”

There was Such a Buzz

“Definitely would recommend Na’ima as a teacher. She explained everything so well in the masterclass and there was such a buzz with her as the teacher.”

You Can Do It!

“Jazakilahu khairan for your time and efforts in inspiring us to begin on the journey of publishing. I found the masterclass to be an encouraging start, a gentle "poke in the ribs" telling me to move on, in a "you can do it!" kind of way. ”

I am So Pleased

"During the recent development of an advertising campaign I had the opportunity of working with Na’ima B. Robert. I was writing a lengthy story ad, and after several drafts was feeling as if I had lost direction. Na’ima very graciously agreed to help me as an editor and get the project back on track.
Right away she could see what I was trying to say, and did a great job removing the extraneous gibberish I love to throw in, re-structured it for me, and really focused my message. I am so pleased with the ad, and would recommend her for just about any writing/editing assignment."

Barbara Cederberg,

You Won't be Disappointed

“I contacted Na’ima regarding advice on publishing my book and she gave me so much value within a short half hour consultation. I walked away from our session armed with knowing exactly what I needed to do to for a successful book launch, mashaa Allah. She is an incredible writing coach who thoroughly knows her stuff. If you’re looking for someone to help you take your writing to the next level, Na’ima is definitely the way to go. I received so much value from our very first session together. She constantly challenged and pushed me throughout our time together. I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking for a writing coach, you won’t be disappointed.”

Barakah Hassan, 
Author of Taking Action
About Your Presenter
Na'ima B. Robert has been telling stories and helping other women tell theirs for over 15 years. 
She is the award-winning author of the Muslim bestseller, 'From My Sisters' Lips' and founding editor of 'SISTERS', the magazine for fabulous Muslim women.

Her historical novel, 'Far from Home' earned her a Muslim Writers Award and the Children's Africana Book Award in Washington. Recognised for her contribution to diversity in children's literature, her acclaimed children's books include 'Ramadan Moon' and 'Going to Mecca' and the YA novels, 'Boy vs Girl' and 'She Wore Red Trainers'.

Her books have been selected as 'A' Level texts and studied at university level.

She has appeared on BBC's Newsnight, GMTV and on several BBC radio stations. Her work has been published in The Times Online and The Telegraph. She has been profiled in The Independent and Stylist Magazine as well as being a regular guest on Islam Channel, British Muslim TV and Salaam Media Radio.

She is Trainer-in-Chief at, a project aimed at developing and supporting Muslim women writers.
If you write anything, 
this Masterclass is going to change the way you write
So, whether you have always dreamed of writing but never plucked up the courage to take pen to paper...

Or you have started writing but find yourself procrastinating and letting study, work and family commitments keep you away from your writing...

Or you are already working on a book but need trusted guidance on your work...

This free Masterclass is for YOU!
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